Tuesday, December 11, 2012

De Tweede Wereldoorlog in kleur (Dutch documentary) no subtitles - YouTube

De Tweede Wereldoorlog in kleur (Dutch documentary) no subtitles - YouTube: ""I have always been a bit of a history buff with a particular interest in World War ll, probably because it was not that long ago and, I heard first hand stories of those that lived it .. Pap would mention how him and his best friend Isak, would come out of hiding at night to poach and check their snares, he also mentioned that on occasion you would hear a rumbling sound in the distance towards the west  (England) that turned into a deafening roar as the sky turned black from the hundreds if not over a thousand  B17 Bombers and their P51 Mustang escort were heading east to Germany ..
.. This colored documentary, is taken on 16 mm format with spectacular results, much of which I have never seen ('n, I've seen a lot) ..The narrative also, very well done .. no worries if you can't understand Dutch, the visual alone will be a treat, and some not .. I was left with mixed thoughts .. what's yours.. ? 
..I'm not particularly pleased with the "screenshot" but I assure you, this is well worth your time.. So grab a "borreltje", sit back and watch history as we remember it .. or, are we living it.. ? 

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