Thursday, February 9, 2012

Streets Of Bakersfield by Buck Owens

A special moment in my life was spent in Porterville, California...Where I roamed and worked for some twenty years, mostly"Slingin" steel, in Bakersfield....
Here's to my "Okie" Bro's, especially my good friend and fellow "Steel Slinger" Homer "Red" Hopson... RIP.....Thanks for the memories ,Mark, Jay, Manuel, Gary, Frank, Jack, Johhnie, Ron, Jeff, and "Da' Boss", Doug' !.... I'll never forget the the fun times, filled with laughter, insane behavior, the brutal fights, but ulimately, the respect, and looking out for one another....Three cheers for the "Star Crew" !!
..Here's to You, wherever You are, and them blasted, "hot day's" in Bakersfield !

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  1. Someday I hope to see where you roamed.