Wednesday, September 21, 2011


DELFT: BUITENWATERSLOOT"De Markt", Delft (HDR)Old Church in Delft (oude Jan)DelftCity of PaintersDelft Postcards: Hugo Grotius... at Market Square! Shopping for Christmas @ Delft (HDR)The little Antique StorekanaalDelft HollandMarkt squareReflections, Delft. Church Delft next to Nieuwe kerk.Netherlands: Frozen in DelftDelft Canal in HDR

Delft, a gallery by Visit Holland on Flickr.

Born in Klundert Noord Brabant, raised in Kinderdijk....
These photos bring back sweet memories, and confirm my thoughts of my Country of birth as a "fairy tale".... I am missing my lil' country, Holland !


  1. Someday soon you and I will go Holland and retrace your steps. I want you to show me everywhere you played, everywhere that you lived. Show me everything about this part of your life.
    Until then, I will learn everything that I can about you and about everywhere that you have lived. Because I love you!

  2. You, already know more about my native country, then I do....if not, You constantly amaze me with interesting tidbits that I never knew...
    Interesting country, which thanks to Your fascination with my origins, brought it back to light....I have never met anyone, so interested in my Life "past or present"...Thank You Ingrid !